Dining Zone


We start serving you from 7.00 AM in the morning and you can hang out until 1.00 AM at MBK Center New Episode where you can find cafes, coffee shops and restaurants of your desire in the middle of Bangkok.

MBK Center, or known as “Marboonkrong”, the famous shopping center known to Thai people for a long time. Recently, MBK Center has been renovated with the latest look and concept. We have 10 brand new zones and one of 1o exciting zones where shoppers love to visit, especially during lunch time is the restaurant and cafe zone where we gather restaurants, sumptuous cuisines and chic cafes and now it becomes a hub for cafes and restaurants right in the middle of Bangkok.

At MBK Center, we gather famous and not-to-miss restaurants, cuisines and chic cafes in Bangkok and other provinces for you to come taste and try. Experience Terrace Restaurant for sumptuous dishes under a foreign land ambience.

The new look of MBK Center never stops, just come and check out what we have to offer you here. MBK New Episode is the center of sumptuous food and famous restaurants in the middle of Bangkok.

FOOD Legends by MBK

Thai Crispy Pancake (Kanom Buang)

Suki Teenoi


Ban Khun Mae & Huen E Mae

Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant

LimLaoNgow Bistro - Legendary Fishball Noodle

NOVA Kitchen


Shinkanzen Sushi

Kyushu Jangara


Hachiban Ramen

Secret Chamber




CoCo Ichibanya


MK Restaurants


Taco Bell

After You



Ampol Burger & Cheesy Fried





Starbucks Coffee

Tim Hortons 


ChaTra Mue


Mee Khwam Sook


Never miss out MBK Center where we gather leading restaurants, sumptuous cuisines, and chic cafes as well as super cool hang out destinations with your friends and family right in the middle of Bangkok.

Isn’t it great that you can wake up and enjoy breakfast at MBK Center at 7.00 AM in the morning and the late night visitors can hang around until 1.00 AM Visit MBK Center is very easy, come and check in at MBK Center New Episode. 

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