Fashion & Beauty Zone


For all fashionistas, whether you like sportswear, formalwear, super cool fashion, or even ballet dance, MBK have them all here for you at our Fashion Zone. We have trendy streetwear fashion at affordable prices, just come to MBK Center.




Let’s check out Fashion Zone at MBK Center where you can enjoy shopping at the first GQ Concept Store,the famous menswear for innovative and classic white shirts for men on 3rd FLoor, Zone B.

Don’t forget to drop by Dilok where sports enthusiasts can never miss super cool sports apparels, especially for those who love basketball. Dilok decorates the shop in a basketball stadium ambience called “The Stadium”  where you can feel the heat of the game with unlimited fun while shopping for world-class sports items. 

Jane Lily



Create Hair

Oriental Princess

Betty Smile Clinic

If you need a smart pair of suits, just come to MBK Center where we have famous tailor shops by professional and experienced tailors, well known among Thai people, foreign tourists, celebs and movie stars. The tailor shops that are ready to create a smart stylish pair of suits for you in less than 8 hours! with satisfaction guarantee, free fitting and quality. That’s why Thai tailors are very famous among foreign tourists and Thai people.

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