Entertainment Zone


If you look for unlimited entertainment, just visit MBK Center on 7th Floor

We open the world of entertainment for you everyday. On 7th Floor is a heaven for those who love fun-filled activities, and love seeing movies; we have SF Cinema and a renovated VIP movie theater waiting for you. Also visit Hero City Games Center, karaoke, BNK48 Theater, Animate Bangkok, a licensed Japanese cartoon shop, etc

Cine Café
Cine Café is ready to let those cafe lovers enjoy cinematic café experience, seeing movies and enjoying refreshing beverages all in one place.

Hero City Games Center
Hero City Games Center is the largest yet modern center for arcade games in Thailand. Have fun with a wide variety of arcade games whether you come with friends or play alone.

Animate Bangkok
Animate Bangkok is the first in Thailand a licensed Japanese cartoon shop with the cooperation of 5 giant corporations from Japan which are Kadokawa, Shueisha, Kodansha, Shogakan and  Animate, which together become Japan Manga Alliance. At Animate Bangkok, you will enjoy a wide selection of Manga products and licensed anime merchandise from Japan including Manga, Anime character goods, CDs, Hobbies & Figures and many more. We also have limited products, meet & greet with special guests from Japan as well as Anime Exhibition from famous cartoon series and fun-filled activities from Anisong.

Active Z

MBK Center is delighted to invite you all to have fun with us. We are ready to sincerely take care of your safety under the measure of ‘Keep Caring Keep Entertaining’. Our staffs have been fully vaccinated and ATK tested every week. Don’t forget to come and have fun at MBK Center on 7th Floor.

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