What to Buy in Thailand: Souvenir Shopping in Bangkok

What to Buy in Thailand: Souvenir Shopping in Bangkok

Thailand, a mesmerizing blend of old-world charm and modern bustle, beckons travelers with its expansive malls, vibrant markets, and eclectic street stalls. Bangkok, in particular, is a shopper’s paradise, offering everything from high-end brands to unique local crafts. For visitors looking to take home a piece of this enchanting city, we’re sharing our list of what items to buy when souvenir shopping in Thailand.

Discover Authentic Thai Crafts at MBK Center

When it comes to souvenir shopping, there’s no better place than MBK Center. This iconic shopping haven houses a plethora of souvenir shops in Bangkok, offering a variety of traditional Thai products under one roof. Whether you seek intricate textiles or tantalizing spices, MBK Center is your go-to destination.


Traditional Thai Clothes and Textiles

Discover the renowned quality of Thai silk and a variety of fabrics and textiles at MBK Center. You’ll find an array of apparel, from silk scarves to traditionally dyed dresses, Thailand souvenir shirts, and Muay Thai shorts, making perfect souvenirs or gifts for loved ones.

Thai elephant pants, also known as harem pants or Aladdin pants, are a popular souvenir among tourists visiting Thailand. These lightweight, loose-fitting pants are known for their vibrant colors and, of course, elephant patterns. More than just a souvenir, elephant pants have become a symbol of Thai "soft power," a concept that promotes the country's culture and traditions. Elephant pants are now enjoyed by people around the world for their comfort and unique style.


Thai Spa and Aromatherapy Products

MBK offers a variety of massage oils, herbal compresses, balms, and scented candles, allowing you to recreate the soothing Thai spa experience in the comfort of your home. You’ll also find various personal care products, such as aromatic soaps and lotions infused with essential oils.

thai spa

Traditional Thai Snacks and Delicacies

Take home a taste of Thailand with traditional snacks, sweets, and cooking ingredients. Explore the stalls for exotic teas, dried fruits, chili paste, local instant noodle and an array of spices to recreate your favorite Thai dishes at home.

thai snack

Thai Jewelry and Accessories

Embrace the elegance of Thai design with intricate silver earrings, ornate bracelets, and charming keychains. MBK Center’s jewelry shops offer a wide selection of pieces, ensuring you find something that perfectly captures the beauty of Thai artistry.


Beyond this typical shopping list, you’re sure to find other unique things to commemorate your Thailand trip as you walk around MBK Center.

Smart Shopping Tips at MBK Center

To help you make the most of your shopping spree, we've compiled a list of savvy tips to navigate this expansive mall like a pro.

1. Plan Your Visit

MBK Center is vast, with numerous zones specializing in different types of goods from all over Thailand. Research what you want to buy and make a shopping list beforehand. Having a game plan will save you time and ensure you find everything you want.

2. Bargain with a Smile

Bargaining is part of the shopping culture in Bangkok. However, it’s important to haggle with respect and a smile. Vendors are more likely to give you a better price if you are polite and friendly. Many shops offer wholesale prices if you purchase several items.

3. Quality Check

Take the time to inspect items before making a purchase. Check for any defects, ensure electronics are working properly, and confirm that textiles are free from damage. A thorough check will help you avoid any post-purchase regrets.

4. Go Cash-ready

While some shops in MBK Center do accept credit cards, cash is predominantly used, and you might even score a better deal when paying with cash. Ensure you have sufficient Thai Baht on hand, and utilize the numerous ATMs within the mall if needed.

5. Take a Break

Shopping can be overwhelming, so remember to take breaks. The mall houses various food courts and cafes, offering delectable Thai dishes and international cuisine where you can recharge and enjoy some local drinks and desserts before continuing your shopping spree.

6. Keep Your Belongings Safe

Like any busy shopping area, keeping an eye on your belongings is important. Ensure your bags are securely closed, and be mindful of your personal items, especially in crowded areas.

ow that you know what to buy in Thailand and armed with our shopping tips, you're ready to tackle the vibrant aisles of MBK Center, uncovering the best deals and great finds. Experience Bangkok's shopping scene and discover why MBK Center is a one-stop shop for all your souvenirs! 

With its extensive selection of traditional Thai products, MBK Center is the premier destination for souvenir shopping in Bangkok. Navigate through the different zones and take home a piece of Thailand from MBK Center.