TUK TUK WONDERLAND Wonderland at MBK Center

Christmas “MBK Center” is different in style. Raise the joy of fun, end the year.

The Christmas tree decorated with lights is a highlight of the celebration of Christmas and New Year. The shopping center along the BTS line, located in the heart of the city, is a route to see the decorative lights that are known for their spectacular beauty in the light that must not be missed. Spread and share on social networks This year, MBK Center still maintains the concept of creating a unique and unique experience. Create a wonderland in the atmosphere decorated in the theme “MBK CENTER NEW YEAR CELEBRATION 2019 TUK TUK WONDERLAND”

Creative ideas from the transformation of “tuk tuk” which is another unique identity of Thailand that foreign tourists have to experience. Which stands out from the 19-meter-tall giant Christmas tree, a convertible tuk-tuk, dragging a large gift box wrapped in the word Thailand, which is ready to give happiness to Thais and tourists from all over the world who have appreciated Within this fun kingdom, surrounded by a crowd of ELEPHANT BENCH 9 sacred elephant chairs with tuk-tuked eyes. Glow Tuk Tuk Tunnel And multi-color chairs, brightly colored, full of space

Mr. Sompol Triphopanabat, Managing Director of MBK Public Company Limited, said that MBK Center is committed to providing the best experience for customers. Ready to create excitement and be surprised at every step The end of the year, therefore, decorated the interior atmosphere and installed a Christmas tree outside the shopping center under the concept of MBK CENTER NEW YEAR CELEBRATION 2019 TUK TUK WONDERLAND, which is a landmark spot for foreign tourists and Thai customers to capture the impression and join the count. Down to the New Year

On the side of the wonderland design, Mr. Saran Yenpanya, the story of the era Contemporary design experts, 56th Studio owners with an international reputation and uniquely chic work, say they want to present a fun Christmas. With a touch of Thai identity, a unique combination of MBK Center To create a talk of the town

“Tuk Tuks reflect the Thai identity that foreigners know and love. It also has details that can be changed to be chic, cool and fun. Therefore became a tuk-tuk theme park that brought various elements to tell a new story of interest, a Christmas celebration in Thai style that combines the Thai and Western styles perfectly

In addition, the MBK Avenue area also organizes the “GIFT FESTIVAL” event, decorated with chandeliers, decorated with arches for impressive photography and packed with entertainment activities throughout the event period from 16 December 2018 – 4 January 2019. Especially the last night of the year, met with an artist army from the stage The Voice and the singer’s powerful voice “Dancing – Nararak” will join the countdown to the new year together.

MBK Center is another important landmark that tourists from all over the world intend to shop for and photograph with sculptures “Come” and “Come” as well as at the end of this year, where tourists and Thai people are heading. Admire a chic, unique Christmas tree. Ready to give you joy, fun, end of the year for visitors