Take a tour of Animate Bangkok where every corner fulfills your animated desires all to be found at the 7flr MBK Center.

The Animate Bangkok at 7th floor, MBK Center is easy to find by using the BTS transport system at exit 4 of National Stadium station you will find a footbridge to either enter Tokyu department store or take a further step to MBK Center entrance and walk straight to 7th floor which Animate Bangkok is located.

At the entrance with the greetings of the staff, you’ll then be introduced to the amazing selection of Japanese comic books in Thai version. If you walk to the left, you will find both a Thai translation of the comic books from every publisher assembled all together. Both new and old or even something rare which in cases you can find here. Don’t worry about Famous ones like Conan or Fairy Tale comic books, they have their own shelves and are easy to identify.

But if you walk to the right, you will find new Japanese magazines following with CD and DVD’s Blu-ray Discs Shelve for both Anime and Anisong. At this time, No.1 Chart topping album is from an angel sound of May’n, the artist that joined the grand opening of the Animated Bangkok last week. The top shelve has many autographs from famous anisong artists such as Kalafina or Linked Horizon to commemorate the shops opening. In this zone, you will also find Gashapon machines in front of both the Cashier and Information counter which the egg fans can’t miss it!


The next zone is a book from Japan including an original Japanese comic book both with or without Thai version for a collector. This zone, you will also find art books and visual books from each anime including photo books of J-Pop artist such as Arashi or Sexy Zone.

If you are a fan of Model Figures, walk straight on the left of the shop, you will find a shelve of them and a showcase to entice you to purchase it back home. Or if you are a fan of Gunpla, walk a little further, you will find their amazing shelve. Speaking of this Animate shop, the signature is the army of popular characters from anime series as a big zone for you at the center of the shop. There are many kinds of products that you can purchase i.e. keychains, pins, posters, notebooks etc. For the avid collector it is a certain lavish spending opportunity.

For fans who want to be a member of Animate Bangkok, you can register at the counter (for saving time, we recommend bringing a copy of your national ID with your autograph). The privilege for members is 10% discount for comic books and model figures of Good Smile Company and 5% discount for other products. You can also collect the points from every 50 THB you purchase to use as a benefit for many promotions of the month. This is Sugoiiiiiiiii !

MBK Center would like to say thank you for always putting #MBK Center hashtag to allow us to see our customers’ beautiful pictures. If any image is copyright or credit from you, MBK Center would ask and thank you in advance for your permission.

Location : Animate Bangkok ชั้น 7 MBK Center
Contact : https://www.facebook.com/animateBangkok