Happy Chinese New Year 2019

1 – 24 February 2019 Meet the Chinese New Year 2562 that will allow you to shop and enjoy. With many products and promotions, welcome the Chinese New Year festival With special shows, lion dance performances and dragon dance performances to enhance the Chinese New Year’s fate at the 2nd floor Skywalk

Hi-Light Activity Don’t miss !!

5 February 2019 at 19:00 – 20:00 hrs. The performance of the lion and the 9-dragon dance

Promotion Special !! (1-24 February 2019)

When shopping up to 3,000 baht or more, get free !! Set auspicious bag worth 199 baht

Special, spend only 2,500 baht or more. Get free !! Set auspicious bag worth 199 baht. Only in conjunction with MBK Application, KTC card members, credit card members, Thanachart Bank or Thanachart Debit Card members, Tobjod.com members and center customers.

** Reserved, Petch-Thong shop must spend 20,000 baht or more **

Special privileges for credit cards And participating insurance

KTC Card Members: Redeem 13% cash back on Monday-Thursday or redeem 15% cash back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When spending via credit card With rental shops within the shopping center And use KTC Forever Rewards points as much as spending per sales slip
Thanachart Bank credit card members receive free !! 2 glasses of water worth 99 baht ** when spending 2,000 baht or more per sales slip ** and receive free !! Restaurant gift vouchers worth 500 baht ** when spending 10,000 baht or more per sales slip **
Tobjod.com members and customers who register for E-Coupon when purchasing car insurance Or personal accident insurance via the Tobjod.com channel. Receive 5% discount on car insurance premiums when attaching a car camera and 0% installment for 10 months. Chash Back up to 3,000 baht