About MBK Center

MBK Shopping Center is the Best Tourist Destination in Bangkok which has delivered experiences and impressions towards Thai’s and foreigners continuously over 30 years.

MBK Center: Shop ‘Til You Drop at The Ultimate Tourist Destination in the Heart...

Mention Bangkok and a few things pop into mind without fail: great shopping, scrumptious food, relaxing massages… the list goes on. However, you don’t...

10 Things to do in MBK Center

What is unexpected is an excitement and challenge of tourism, this is a perfect definition of MBK Center.

MBK Application

MBK Application lets you enjoy our special offers and discounts exclusively through our mobile application only. Collect points every time you spend at any...

MBK Bangkok Buddy 

MBK Center's Bangkok Buddy is the new phenomenon in proactive service by MBK’s customer service team.

Announcement of new parking fee for MBK Center

Announcement of new parking fee adjustment Adjustment for Daily Car Parking For customers of MBK Center, first two hours free and following...

Do you know ‘Makrub’ and ‘Maja’ just yet?

‘Nong Makrub’ (มาครับ) and ‘Nong Maja’ (มาจ๊ะ), the cute mascots inspired by a concept of Thai’s Friendship.

Souvenirs from all provinces in Thailand are available at Craft Village.

MBK Center has a total of more than 200 stores from all provinces across Thailand i.e. famous silks


MBK Center, we look forward to providing you with the best experience possible. Today we are pleased to serve and meet the needs of...