6 Tips to be a fashionable rainy season girls!

Enter June’s rainy season this way. It is difficult to stop the rain that is ready to pour at any moment. Making our clothes wet in the blink of an eye or making your beautiful shoes stained are one of many reasons why girls hate rainy season. Especially, sun worshippers who love the brightness of the summer sun, hot sexy bikinis or flaunting fashionable sweaters for the cool season. Our collection of rainy season garments and accessories ensure your style is not compromised and the streets keep you appearing beautiful and dazzling♥.

1. Fashionable Umbrella

Our azure blue umbrellas set a distinguished pattern and style for the design conscious girl this rainy season.

2. A Dynamic Raincoat

Lightweight, portable and easy and lovely to wear. This raincoat has it all. It can both protect you, your clothes and accessories. Many of you may think that a raincoat must be made by a thick rubber and looks bulky, that can be described it in the past but not today! Nowadays fashionable raincoat has come a long way, long enough that you can wear on the runway!

3. Irresistible Boots

You may think it’s not your daily life outfit! But if you can remember the big floods in 2011, boots are needed by many people until become a trendy outfit for everybody. So make sure you place this in mind, in case this trendy outfit is back again!

4. Chic Rubber shoes

Not only being comfortable to wear but also easy to walk and not afraid of getting stained in rainy season. Many brands turned to focus more on designing rubber or plastic shoes to support the needs of women when walking in rainy season.

5. Strong Makeup must be waterproof.

Not only in rainy season but also in a super-hot weather in Thailand, waterproof makeup can also protect sweat or even tears not to let foundation wiped out from your skin or protect mascara from turning you into a panda face. Prove to the world that to see who is truly beautiful you have to see when she’s under the rain. That is true beauty (and truly hot!).

6. See you again later White Shirt!

To wear white shirt in rainy season makes you don’t want to imagine when it gets wet! Make sure you keep your lovely white shirt in a wardrobe in this season and wait for the day with sunny and clear sky to wear it again.

Following all these 6 tips, you can be beautiful even in this kind of weather. The most important thing is to take care of yourself no matter how the weather is.

For any customers who wants to be in trend with this fashion in rainy season, come visit and take a look at MBK Center!

Credit : https://daily.rabbit.co.th/