5 Drones best for the novice!

“Drone” from the murder weapons of soldier in World War I to the equipment of bird’s-eye view photography. Everyone wants to have in this century!


First of all, let’s talk about brief history of Drone. The full name of Drone is “UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)”. Its origins back to World War I, its duty was to be flying explore enemies’ areas. Each drone will be equipped with high resolution camera to spy on enemies or be equipped with war weapon to remotely attack enemies, according to avoiding losing militaries in battle field, an army will remotely control drones to battle instead. Nowadays, this technology has been developed and not only limited to the military but also been used to capture images and cruise to extremely high altitude.

Several years ago, a drone is considered as a toy for a very rich man or a high investment for professional photographer in order to get a new perspective picture. But today a drone is not so expensive anymore because of high competition among manufacturers. As a result, there are so many drones come out in the market with many models, many levels of qualities and variable prices that can be affordable for everyone. If you are a novice and looking for a good quality drone to enjoy taking your photograph in some new perspectives, we have 5 recommended models for you to check it out.

Cheerson CX-30W

The Cheerson CX-30W is one of the best priced First-Person View (FPV) quadcopters on the market right now. The best part about the Cheerson CX-30W is that it has a camera with WiFi. This plus the “CX-WIFIUFO” app allows you to stream video from the drone to your smart phone (Support iOS and Android). It’s extremely stable thanks to its 6-axis gyro chip system. It comes with three speeds of difficulty. To learn to fly it you can start with “slow” mode. Once you improve you can move up to “medium” and then graduate to “fast”. This guy is very responsive in fast mode. The CX-30W drone has approximately 10 minutes of flight time per charge, and can be flown either indoors or outdoors with a 30 meters range. And this cost you only 3,000 THB only!


UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Headless Mode, HD Camera, and VR (Virtual Reality) Headset Compatibility both Gear VR or DayDream of Google. FIRST PERSON VIEW (FPV) with VR HEADSET COMPATIBILITY: Watch exciting live video feed of your drone’s adventure directly from your Apple or Android mobile device (tablet or smartphone), thanks to built-in WiFi capabilities! CUSTOM FLIGHT MODE: Map out your desired flight path on the mobile app screen & watch the drone fly with no assistance! TAKES STUNNING PHOTOS & VIDEOS FROM THE SKY: Capture HD aerial photos & videos in crisp 720p with the built in 2MP camera. The price is at 4,000 THB approximately.


This Model’s special features are 720P WiFi Camera: achieve real time FPC by connecting with Android device or iOS via WiFi for real time video transmission, Headless Mode: makes it easy to control flight, so you won’t have to worry about your drone direction when its flying plus there is no need for repositioning so it’s really good for beginners. Its approximately price is at 5,500 THB.

AOSEMA CG035X gps fpv

This model is designed with 1080P HD gimbal camera, brushless motor strong power to the quadcopter. With double GPS, one in the drone and the other in the transmitter, so it can set height, distance and achieve “Follow me function” which fill fly back when it out of reach the signal. This model also adds capture stabilization system and able to fly more than 800 meters per one-time charge. This one is about 11,500 THB.


The last model is ZEROTECH DOBBY which can be controlled via app on your smartphone, and when outdoors the Dobby uses GPS to maintain its position with impressive accuracy. The front of the device houses a 13-megapixel camera and 1080p for Full HD Video which can be manually angled to one of six different settings, allowing you to take impressive bird’s-eye views from quite high up. It can fly up to more than 100 meters above sea level in a clear picture range. This one is about 15,000 THB.For the novice who looking for a drone, make sure you find enough information about price and your usage objective before buying one. Because nowadays, there are so many models and many brands of drones for you to choose. But if you are not sure about it yet you can come take a look of all models in MBK Center. See you soon.