10 Things to do in MBK Center

What is unexpected is an excitement and challenge of tourism, this is a perfect definition of MBK Center. With the charm of various creative shops in Thai Street Style, this is 10 things to do in MBK Center.

Craft Village

MBK Center gathered all souvenirs from all provinces in Thailand for you to shopping more than 200 shops i.e. famous silks, Thai herbal balms, boxing trousers. Open daily and experience your negotiation skill. Make sure you write down the lists before you come to Craft Village, 6th Floor at MBK Center.

Khanom-Bueang or Thai Crispy Pancake

‘Khanom-Bueang’ or ‘Thai Crispy Pancake’ the famous traditional Thai dessert for over 700 years since Sukhothai period. The name ‘Khanom-Bueang’ was named after the process of doing in the past which is to smear the batter on to the hot earthenware in circle shape which creates a really unique taste, delivers a sweet smell. With its unique taste from both salty topping and sweet topping makes them one of the most outstanding shops in MBK Center. It’s something you must try and don’t miss it.

Mobile Mania

MBK Mania is the biggest mobile market in Thailand. It’s very convenient for you to buy new ones or even sell old ones. MBK Mania offers you from the oldest phone models to the newest ones. You can also bring your phone to fix here with many shops available for you served by a professional mobile repairman. Together with various accessories and selling new premium mobile numbers from every service providers at 4th floor, MBK Center. One stop service for your mobile.

Jewelry Market

Jewelry and Accessories Center is guaranteed with high quality products by recruiting jewelry sources from all over the region. Our jewelry shops offer reasonable price, expert advice service and a repair and maintenance warranty for both ready to purchase and made-to-order products in your own style which designed by professional craftsmen. You can be assured of quality products and services.

Camera Master

Doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a rookie only you are a photography lover. When you think about cameras, think of MBK Center. Professional photographers chose to come here because the shops’ owner is a genuinely experienced person to professionally give you advices about cameras and accessories to help with your buying decision. You can also try products before making decision. Here can offer you all models for every brand with a reasonable price. It is the perfect place to come if you are looking for your suitable cameras and its accessories.

MBK Center Landmark

A big sculpture with the height of 7 meters created by an international famous artist “Lolay”. The sculpture named “Makrub”. It’s not a dog, but also not a cat. “Makrub” will be anything but one’s imagination. If you are here, you must take a selfie or have a nice photography with our chic landmark on 2nd floor of the linking of BTS station. “Makrub” is very attractive to tourists from all over the world so make sure you have a photo with “Makrub”. Otherwise, you can’t tell others that you once in Bangkok.

Mon Nomsod

The symptoms of ‘hunger for milk’ happened to all visitors in MBK! Who would want to miss Mon Nomsod, a famous milk dairy in Thailand that many Thai teenagers patiently wait in a long que to get one. Mon Nomsod is the legendary and original taste of Thai people since 1964. The real expert of milk, coffee, coco and delicious toast guaranteed by re-visiting of our customers. MBK is the first and only one for Mon Nomsod Franchise. So, make sure you come and try on 2nd floor of MBK Center.

Heaven of Street Foods

You’ve probably heard that Bangkok is the capital of Street Food. So we’ve got you the most famous street food in Bangkok for you to try at MBK Center, a land of a gourmet.


After a long walk of shopping, take a break with a spa? Many nail spas, hair salons and skin clinics for you to relax and enhance your beauty with a well-cared service and affordable price. One stop service for beauty to offer you. Don’t forget to take a selfie and post on your social.

Dried food

MBK Center is the hub of all the famous dry food from all over places in Thailand. It’s very famous for tourists to buy as a gift back home. Offering various choices including more than 100 kinds of fruits and foods i.e. squids, dried prawns, Shiitake mushrooms, mangos, durians, bananas. You can be assured of its quality. Visiting MBK Center, like visiting around Thailand.