10 New Features of iPhone 8 to review before grand opening.

For those who keep an eye on the iPhone, it is known that many media are expected Apple to launch this year with three new versions of iPhone, with the most popular being iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition. It is considered to be a version with huge design change and features which is considered by many to be the new version the public have being highly anticipating for.

Rumors about iPhone 8 are updated every week by techmoblog team. They compiled all interesting information and possibilities on iPhone 8

for you to read. Let’s see how iPhone 8 will be changed and how much interesting it can be.

1. Edgeless screen, Mirror body and touchscreen Home button.

For the iPhone 8, the change will start with an external design, the original Home button that was considered as the signature button of iPhone will be changed to touchscreen. In addition, the area on the original Home button will change to the screen and replace with the touchscreen button instead. As a result, iPhone 8 will increase the display area to 5.2 – 5.8 inches but the size of the phone will be the same with iPhone 7 which has the display area only 4.7 inches.

The design material is expected to be the same (Unibody Design) but will be added with cover glass at the front and back of the phone. This will make the phone appear stronger and more premium.

    2. Touch ID embedded in the screen

If the Home button is replaced by touchscreen Home Button, the question is where will the fingerprint sensor or Touch ID be? At first, it is expected that the position of the Touch ID will be moved to the back of iPhone, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, because Apple has problems manufacturing the Touch ID sensor embedded in the screen. However, Apple has already solved this problem, so the Touch ID will be embedded in the screen as the original intention.

    3. Vertical Dual Camera at the back

For the dual camera on iPhone has been launched since iPhone 7 Plus with 12-million-pixel resolution. iPhone 8 is expected to also launch with dual camera but in vertical instead. For the position of the flash light and the quality of camera still no information released from Apple.

    4. Add iris scanning and face recognition systems.

Beside the external design of iPhone 8, there are new technologies added, Iris scanner and Facial Recognition System, which uses the 3D system to support them. This is expected to increase security system more than Passcode and Touch ID systems for users.

    5. Wireless Charging

This rumor is a myth for iPhone until iPhone 8 arrives. Apple has now included wireless charging on its latest smartphone which means it can get a refill by simply being placed on a compatible pad. The iPhone 8 uses the established Qi ecosystem which means it will work with most accessories currently available on the market.


Apple is boasting its new processor is the fastest ever to be seen in an iPhone. The new A11 Bionic chip has around 30 per cent faster graphics performance than the previous brains found inside the iPhone 7. If true it’s likely to outperform not only its predecessor but all of the latest Android competition. For the RAM memory is 3 GB, the same as the iPhone 7 Plus, if you look at the number of RAM, even if it looks less compared to some of Android models that comes with 6-8 GB of RAM, but for iOS, it does not need that much RAM, because the system does not consume much resources.

    7. IP68 the waterproof and dust protection standard.

No wonder that rumor of iPhone 8 will come with the same waterproof and dust protection features as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which today both versions come with IP67 standard. However, for iPhone 8, it may move to IP68 just like Samsung Galaxy S8.

    8. The connection port remains to be the Lightning, not USB-C, and cuts out the headphone jack.

Nowadays, most of Flagship smartphones has changed their connection ports from microUSB to USB-C. Even though Apple’s new products like MacBook Pro are already changed to USB-C but for iPhone 8 is expected to still be using Lightning connection port. The original 3.5mm headphone jack is also removed like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You can listen to music via Bluetooth headphones or use the headphone port adapter instead.

    9. Increased Battery Capacity.

No matter how many iPhone versions are released, one of the things Apple users want them to improve is their battery, because most users often encountered with battery issues. So iPhone 8 may have a new internal mainboard to be smaller to increase capacity of battery instead. It is expected that the battery life on the iPhone 8 is in L-shaped with a larger size. As a result, it can be used longer.

    10. Operation System of iOS 11

For the version of the iOS operating system, if the iPhone 8 launched later this year, according to analysis from many media, it is possible to work on iOS 11 operating system. What to expect in iOS 11 is what will be its new features.

The above information is just a prediction of techmoblog team by gathering all rumors and concluding in this article. For the exact features that will come with iPhone 8, you will find out soon once it launches soon. Stay tuned!

Credit : www.techmoblog.com/iphone-8/