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Is MBK open on New Years Day?
  ตอบ : Yes! MBK Open Every Day.10 AM -10 PM.
can i exchange/sell any electronics item like camera to MBK shops?
  ตอบ : Yes, You can sell any camera at "Fotofile" shop located on G floor room No.1B-18.
Where is the Muslim Prayer Room Located?
  ตอบ : Muslim Prayer Room Located on 6th Floor see http://www.mbk-center.co.th/en/floorplan/plan.php?floor=6
Thank you.
Please give for more details to The Fifth Food International ka
  ตอบ : the Fifth food Avenue is the international food hall located on 5th floor. more information click...www.thefifthfood.com.
thank you.
How about Muay Thai activity at MBK? When you show again?
  ตอบ : MBK Muay Thai will start again in October 2011. Thank you
Hi Sir,I would love to know is there any Fuji Japanese resturant in MBK. Is at which floor and which unit no.
  ตอบ : Fuji Japanese resturant is located on 7th Floor room No.7B-01
MBK open 7 days a week?
  ตอบ : Yes, Open Every day 10 am - 10 pm.
1. What is the difference between MBK Center to another shopping mall?
  ตอบ : MBK is well known for the wide availability of shops and stalls, approximately 2,500 shops, It is considered to be the most vendors and the most visited mall in Thailand. This is the place, unlike any other shopping mall nearby, for shoppers who love shopping in modern market - style atmosphere.
2. Who is MBK’s customer?
  ตอบ : MBK attracts more than 100,000 customers a day , one out of three are foreigners coming from all over the world especially from Europe and Asia. A half of local shoppers is Thais teen aged between 17 -24 years old.
3. Does MBK have a department store?
  ตอบ : Tokyu ,a modern 4-story Japanese department store, is located at the north end of MBK Building. Tokyu provides brand name products and various of household accessories.

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