10 Things to do in MBK Center

Explore the unexpected

With 8 floors packed with countless shops and vendors full of goodies, MBK Center offers the unique modern experience to the Thai Street Style.

Here are the Top 10 Things just waiting for you to explore in MBK Center.

If you think you know it, then it’s not the real MBK.

Craft Village

The keepsake for the memories. The reminder of the good times. Nowhere else does souvenirs better than the Craft Village, 6th Floor MBK Center. Craft Village opens daily with over 300 shops on offer. Bargain you heart out over products locally sourced from all over the 513,120 sqm. of Thailand. Anything from the famous Thai silk, Thai herbal balm, to Muay Thai boxing gears, this place has it all! Add Craft Village to you list. This is not the place you want to miss!

Kanom Bueng

Kanom Bueng or Thai crepe is a famous Thai sweet snack with the recipe dating back for more 700 years in the Thai history. The Crepe has its name from the clay (Bueng) pan on which the snack would traditionally be made. MBK Center and Kanom Bueng have long been synonymous. You can taste its unique flavors and the crispy-yet-chewy texture from the countless long-standing Thai Crepe stalls in MBK Center.

Mobile Mania

When it comes to mobile phones, MBK Mobile Mania is the Holy Grail. Buy or resell, brand new or second-hand, from Nokia 3310 to the latest smartest phones on the market, MBK Mobile Mania has it all on offer. Visit MBK Mobile Mania on the 4th floor MBK Center. This place has got you covered.

Jewelry Market

The Jewelry Market in MBK center is THE place to visit for quality jewelry and accessories sourced from all over the region. Reasonably priced jewelry repair services are on offer by experts from shops that have long been with MBK center. So you know you are getting the best reliable services for your money.

Camera Master

Professional or amateur, MBK Camera Master are open for all who love the art of photography. Shops like the famous ‘Photo Files’ are packed with photography goodness at a pocket-friendly price and the experts who run the shops are more than willing to answer any of your questions.

MBK Center Landmark

Standing at 7 metres tall, ‘Makrub’ is the landmark that is just impossible to miss. This Lolay’s creation is neither a dog nor a cat. It is whatever you imagine it to be. So make your way to Makrub on the BTS connection skywalk, Strike a pose. Make the World jealous you’re visiting Bangkok.

Mon Nomsod

Getting a bit tired from all the shopping? Look no further than Mon Nomsod Cafe’ to quench your thirst. This cafe’ has been famous among the Thai teens since 1964. Unlike other branches of the Cafe‘, MBK Center’s Mon Nomsod is conveniently located inside on the 2nd floor. So you can rest assured that you will not have to queue up in the Bangkok heat for a sip of their legendary treats.

Heaven of Street Foods

Bangkok is the capital of Street Food and we have gathered all of Bangkok’s finest and most famous restaurants here at MBK Center for you to try. To all the foodies out there, don’t sweat. All the flavors of Bangkok are now available here at your choosing.


Now it’s time for some extra self-love! With MBK center’s rows and rows of Spas and manicure shops, relax your way into the Bangkok buzz with facial treatments and some cute mani-pedi at a pocket-friendly price. Shopping is a feat of its own. So why not look your best while you’re at it? And just before you leave for another spree, don’t forget to update your social feeds with a pretty snap of the new manicure.

Dried food

From squid and mushrooms, to mangos and durians, browse your way through an array of dehydrated quality fruits and other cooking ingredients at MBK center. With over 100 locally sourced products on offer, all regions of Thailand are here for your choosing.